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Challenger Price List 2014

Challenger 103 kit by sect order form

Std. Order form revised 1-14

Kit by section Std. planes

LSS-XS-50 2-2012 kit by sect.

XL-65 order form 2014

XL-65 2-2012 REVISED kit by sect

*Sect IV less engine for Rotax: $1650

*PTO electric start option for 503/447: $725

*582 Radiator package: $1418

* GPL electric start for 582: $675


*Please disregard engine pricing on Challenger forms.  We sell them for much less as we deal directly with engine manufacturers.  For engine prices, please see “Rotax Pricing” and “Hirth Pricing”

* The “Sect IV less engine” includes the belt drive, the engine mount, the exhaust mount, and related hardware to install a Rotax engine.  If you are using a Hirth engine, those components will be supplied from Hirth.  Please see Hirth Pricing for those prices.

*The PTO electric start option will only work on Rotax 447 and 503 engines.  The GPL electric start will work on the 447, 503 and 582.  A Rotax electric start will not work on Challenger, so a GPL or Challenger unit must be used if you would like electric start.

*If using a 582, the Radiator package is necessary.  It makes the 582 installation as quick and easy as possible.

*I make every attempt to keep prices current, however prices are subject to change without notice.

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