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Although Heavenbound Aviation is not primarily a parts supplier in the aviation industry, because of the engine repair aspect of our business we do carry an extensive inventory of new and used engine parts.  In an effort to provide complete customer support for the products we sell, as well as to increase our buying volume and lower our parts cost we do offer retail parts sales.  We stock or can special order any currently available Rotax or Hirth part.  And now, Heavenbound Aviation is also a volume dealer directly with Bing carbs.  Because of that we can offer excellent pricing on Bing parts.   It is our goal in the near future to create an online store to make parts ordering much easier.  However, in the meantime, if you simply email us what parts you need will will get right back to you with a quote and availability.   Below is a link to useful information, parts diagrams and pricing for Bing carb parts.

Bing 54 parts info.pdf


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