Flight Instruction

At Heavenbound Aviation we have specialized in Sport Pilot flight training for many years. We recognize that the flight training industry as a whole in the United States seems to be very singularly focused on being a pipeline for the airlines and have significantly neglected Sport Pilot training. All of the training in these programs is geared for people who intend to fly for the airlines or corporate aircraft. At Heavenbound Aviation our approach is very different. Our goal is to train up pilots with a wide variety of experience that gives them the best foundation possible, and one that scales up well to whatever they want to accomplish in the future.

Our Training Meets A Variety of Aviation Goals

The training process starts out pretty much the same for everyone, as the basics of flying are the same regardless of the end goal. We have designed our program to meet a variety of aviation goals, starting with recreational flying. As you progress as a student, you can choose to finish as a Sport Pilot, or you can decide to take the additional training necessary for Private Pilot. If you achieve Sport Pilot now and come back in a year or two and would like to upgrade to Private Pilot, we can seamlessly provide the additional training to achieve that. From there, if you would like to go on to an Instrument Rating and Commercial Rating, we can train you for that as well.

We Train in Multiple Aircraft

Many of the flight schools that are focused on airlines use one airframe for all of their training so they can get students through the program in the minimum amount of time possible. They usually select a very easy to fly legacy airframe such as a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee. The problem with that approach is that students complete the program with the least amount of experience possible as well. Our philosophy is different. While we customize the training to the student’s goals, we recommend starting primary training in a tailwheel aircraft such as our Taylorcraft with very basic instruments. This gives the student the best stick and rudder skills possible. From there it is an easy transition to the Aeroprakt A22. The Aeroprakt is easier to fly from a stick and rudder standpoint, but adds the glass panel avionics and modern fuel injected engine systems, a faster cruise speed and night flying capability. With experience in both of these airframes, our students can easily transition to just about any fixed wing aircraft they would like to fly! Pilots who have only trained in the legacy Cessnas and Pipers are more limited and will need considerable transition training to fly other airframes.

Flight Instruction in Taylorcraft and Aeroprakt

Achieve Your Pilot Rating!

A Sport Pilot rating can be fully accomplished in either the Taylorcraft or the Aeroprakt. To accomplish all of the requirements of the Private Pilot rating, the Aeroprakt will be necessary for at least some aspects of the training. Whether you are flying the Taylorcraft on private grass runways or flying in controlled airspace in the Aeroprakt, you will be building a well-rounded skill set to keep you safe and proficient, all while having an amazing time doing so!

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