Flight Instruction

At Heavenbound Aviation we offer flight training for all of the aircraft we sell, and in some cases other aircraft as well.  Whether you are a veteran pilot needing transition training, a student pilot needing to finish up a sport pilot license, or a beginner with no experience, we can help you achieve your goals.   Andy Humphrey is a Private Pilot and  Sport CFI, ASEL and ASES with extensive experience in Ultralight and Light Sport type aircraft.  Greg Miller is a retired USAF A-10 pilot with CFII and MEII ratings.  If simply flying a part 103 ultralight is your goal, we can train you toward that with as little expense as possible.  And should you desire to go on and get a sport pilot rating later, all of you training will count toward that.  If your goal is to fly a light sport aircraft, we can train you start to finish for your sport pilot rating.  We can also provide transition training for pilots who are transitioning into ultralight type aircraft, Taylorcraft or need a tailwheel rating.   Or you may simply be a pilot in need of a flight review and would like to try something totally different!  We can help you there too.  If you are a GA pilot who has never ventured outside of the spam can world, you are in for a real treat!  Be careful, you might get addicted!

All of our primary training will be done in either our Special Light Sport (SLSA) Quicksilver Sport 2 SE, or our 1938 Taylorcraft BC-65.  Because the Sport 2SE is an SLSA, we can legally do primary training in it, as well as allow students to solo in it, and have full coverage insurance on it.  The Taylorcraft is  type certified aircraft and is also insured for flight training.  Our flying season for the Taylorcraft runs year round.  We typically start flying the Quicksilver in April and will continue until about the middle of October, weather depending.

Currently our standard rental rate for the Quicksilver is $150 per hour and the Taylorcraft is $95.  Both instructors in either of our aircraft are $50 per hour.

Heavenbound Aviation Flight Training

Heavenbound Aviation Flight Training

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