Johnstown Ohio

8878 Harmony Church Rd.
Johnstown, OH 43031

Owned and operated by Andy Humphrey, A&P, IA, and CFI, our Johnstown location is about four miles northeast of Johnstown, OH. Heavenbound Aviation is registered as a private airfield but may not appear on the chart. The airstrip is 1500′ almost level sod and runs directly East and West. It is in the middle of two crop fields giving it no obstacles at either end of the runway for a quarter of a mile. It is plenty for any Ultralight as well as most Light Sport and many General Aviation aircraft. Everyone is welcome to land here, but keep in mind that it is a private strip, and you will be landing at your own risk. Normal hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Evenings and weekends by appointment only. Please call ahead and schedule a time if you plan to visit. We have a busy schedule!

Coordinates: 40° 11.628 N   082° 39.492 W

Identifier: 5OI8 (McKnight)

Heavenbound Aviation Location

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