Quicksilver Assembly

With Quicksilver open air models, assembly is very quick and easy.  In the 40-60 hour range.  With a little help, some people have been able to do it in a weekend!  The GT models can be a little more involved, in the range of 150-200 hours.  In either case we would be happy to help you with assembly of your new Quicksilver.  How we go about it depends a lot on what model we are working with.  If you have a part 103 model, we can fully assemble it for you and deliver it as a flight tested and ready to fly airplane.  We can fully assemble a Sprint or Sport model for around $1500-$2000 depending on options.  If you choose a model that will be registered in the Experimental Amateur Built category, we cannot legally custom build it for you, but we certainly can provide builders assistance to help you build it.  If you would like a two seat airplane built turn key, we do have options though.  With the Sport 2 model, you can order it as a Special Light Sport, which comes fully assembled from the factory ready to fly.  With the SLSA comes the ability to train in it or rent it, but along with that comes fairly strict maintenance regulations.   To save money up front and in maintenance, you can also order an Experimental Light Sport version.  The ELSA can be fully built and flight tested right here at Heavenbound Aviation and delivered to you as a turn key airplane.  The ELSA model is less expensive than the SLSA, even when the cost of assembly is factored in.  Not only that, but it is much cheaper to ship a kit than it is a complete airplane saving you several thousand dollars in shipping.  Another huge benefit of an ELSA version is that you can do any or all of the maintenance and repairs yourself, including the annual condition inspection if you take the 16 hour repairmen course.  If you want a turn key two seat airplane but have no intention of training in it, the ELSA version is the way to go!   Currently only the Sport 2SE is available as an SLSA or ELSA, however, the GT500 is in the process of being certified and will soon be available as an SLSA and ELSA as well.  The GT500 will be certified with the Rotax 912 engine.  One limitation with SLSA and ELSA is that the aircraft can only be built exactly as it was certified.  While there are a few options such as lighting, instrumentation, BRS installation, colors, etc, no major changes can be made.  For example on the Sport 2SE, the 582 is the only engine that can be used, and the GT500 SLSA and ELSA versions will only be able to use the 912.  With an ELSA, once it receives it’s airworthiness certificate, as an Experimental you can modify however you like, but it must match the certified version initially.

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