In the interest of training, safety, as well as to share in the excitement of flying, we are compiling a library of videos.  Some videos are important training videos, some are promotional, some informational, and some just for fun!  Our goal for 2015 is to make some good documentary videos of building aircraft and post them here.  On the roster for 2015 so far is a Challenger XL65 that is decked out with glass panel, fuel injected 3203, floats, electric flaps and even a three axis auto pilot!  This may be the most complex Challenger ever built!  The kit is due to arrive in February 2015.  We will keep you posted.   Also, we already have on the lineup for assembly, a Quicksilver Sprint, a Quicksilver Sport, and an Aerolite 103, all part 103 ultralights.   Another project in our lineup is to develop an installation for the Hirth F23 in the Quicksilver Sport/Sprint.  We plan to have this together for Sun N Fun 2015.   We will make every attempt to get some professional quality video of these projects and post them here.  Already here are some videos of the Kolb Firefly that we developed a Hirth F23 installation for.  Please check them out.  Also, please look for us on Facebook for more current updates.  If you have any good videos you would allow us to post on here, please contact us.  We are always looking for good videos that can benefit the flying community.

Videos by Ron Hill


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